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High Risk Driver Insurance in Madison, WI

Are you looking for high risk driver insurance in Madison, Wisconsin, due to a major driving infraction? Not all insurance companies penalize high risk drivers equally, nor do they all carry the type of coverage you’ll need. Fortunately, Action Insurance Agency specializes in high risk insurance and SR22 insurance (which you likely will also need), and we work to find you the best carriers in your area to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Though you will face higher premiums with this coverage in place, keep in mind that it won’t last forever just because your driver’s license and/or registration was revoked or suspended. Generally, and more specifically in the state of Wisconsin, you can go back to paying lower, standard car insurance rates again in three years if you keep your driving record clean and stay properly insured for your required period of time. And for those who are not car owners, non-owner insurance might be best for your situation.

But how can you know what your high risk insurance requirements are, whether you also need an SR22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility, and for how long you need these filed with the state or the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? We’ll detail everything you need to know in the following paragraphs.

Why High Risk Driver Insurance May Be Required

There are a number of reasons why you may need high risk driver insurance in Madison, including:

  • A DUI or DWI
  • Serious moving violation(s)
  • License revocation or suspension
  • Many traffic offenses
  • Failure to maintain the required coverage in Wisconsin

If the court where you appeared or the DMV requires you to get high risk insurance, you will receive a letter in the mail. As a part of your requirement with this insurance policy, you will be charged a nominal fee for the filing of an SR22 certificate, which you will need as well. This is a form that verifies your purchase of the required vehicle insurance coverage so that your driving privileges can be reinstated again.

High Risk Driver Insurance & SR22 Insurance Defined

High risk driver insurance is needed for those flagged as a high risk driver for various major driving infractions such as a DUI or a DWI. It can also be required of those who are inexperienced drivers, have poor credit, or are elderly drivers. Due to the nature of this specialized insurance, your insurance premiums will increase for roughly three years in the state of Wisconsin.

SR22 insurance is actually not insurance at all, as commonly believed. Instead, it is a form required for those who have high risk insurance policies due to a driver’s license or registration suspension and/or revocation. Filled out by an insurance agency on behalf of the high risk individual and filed with the state, this SR22 certificate verifies that you retain the proper insurance for the minimum amount of time required by your state or court. It also guarantees that you are financially responsible for any accidents that may occur. Your insurer is required by law to notify the state if you cancel your policy early or if any other requirements are not met.

It’s important to also note that some insurance agencies won’t insure drivers with negative marks on their records. That’s why Action Insurance Agency specializes in high risk auto insurance and SR22s and can find you the right high risk driver insurer located in Madison, Wisconsin.

High Risk Driver Insurance Terms

The terms and requirements for high risk auto insurance terms vary by state. However, you must retain both the high risk insurance and your SR22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility for generally three years. As mentioned above, if your policy or certificate lapses, your insurer is required by law to notify the state of Wisconsin’s DMV or court. You will receive further penalties, such as having your driver’s license revoked or suspended until you have enrolled in the insurance policy again. Once your prescribed amount of time has been met, you can start receiving lower car insurance rates and more car insurance options.

Contact your local Madison agent at Action Insurance Agency with any questions or for more information. We are high risk auto insurance specialists, we work with the best high risk providers available in the area, and we can provide you with a free, no-obligation instant quote. For the best options, give us a call!

About Madison, WI

The city of Madison in Dane County was inhabited by the Ho-Chunk tribe roughly 12,000 years before it became the capital of Wisconsin. In 1800, the area was known by Native Americans as Taychopera, meaning “land of the four lakes.”

In 1829, former federal judge James Duane Doty purchased the 1,000+ acres of swamp and forest land between Lakes Mendota and Monona. Then, in November of 1836 when the territorial legislature convened to select a location for the area’s capital, Doty lobbied aggressively for this area and succeeded, mainly because the area is located halfway between new and growing cities such as Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Doty named the area Madison after American Founding Father and President James Madison, and the streets were named after the other 39 signers of the U.S. Constitution. Madison was incorporated as a village in 1846 and later became a city in 1856. The original capitol building was replaced in 1863, the second capitol burned in 1904, and the current capitol was built sometime between 1906 and 1917.

Historically, Madison has been known as a center for progressive political activity, demonstrations, and protests.

Where to Get High Risk Driver Insurance

While you may already have an auto insurance policy in place, it’s not guaranteed that your current insurer will add on a high risk driver policy. In fact, some insurance agencies won’t insure motorists with major driving infractions on their records.

If yours won’t cover you, don’t worry. There are several reputable companies that will, and Action Insurance Agency can help you find the right carrier for your needs. And even though your new car insurance rates will differ from your standard policy, your experience and quality of customer service don’t have to. Let our high risk driver insurance agents in Madison, Wisconsin, help you. Contact us today!

When to Get High Risk Driver Insurance

High risk driver insurance can be required for any number of reasons, including:

  • Receiving multiple moving violations
  • Being newly licensed or an elderly driver
  • Having lapses in auto coverage
  • Being convicted of a DUI or DWI
  • Owning an exotic or high-powered vehicle
  • Having a poor credit score

Once you are properly insured, check to see if you need an insurance agency to file an SR22 with the state on your behalf so your license can be reinstated. You will know if you need SR22 insurance if you receive a letter in the mail from the Wisconsin DMV or the court explaining why an SR22 certificate is required and what your high risk auto insurance terms are, as well as for how long you will need the SR22 on file.

Our high risk insurance experts at Action Insurance Agency can help you make sure everything is in place to get you back on the road again. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote.

How long is High Risk Driver Insurance required?

Fortunately, you will not need high risk driver insurance permanently. The required duration varies by state, and in some cases, even the type of offense. Usually, high risk auto insurance is mandatory for one to five years, but most often three years in Wisconsin.

Another factor of your required period of time can be based on when your time actually begins. Depending on your state, your required term may start from your offense date, conviction date, suspension date, or even the date when your license was reinstated. It’s essential to understand how long your insurance is required, as well as when your time officially starts. If you cancel your policy too early, your insurer is required by law to notify the state, and you will be penalized. This could mean your license or registration will be suspended or revoked, or it could mean that your period of time required to have the insurance policy will increase.

If you maintain your high risk driver insurance for the full term and keep your driving record clean, your increased car insurance rates caused by your driving offense will fall again over time.

Avoid the guesswork of making sure you meet all of the mandated high risk driver insurance requirements on your own. Contact a local agent at Action Insurance Agency for more information.

High Risk Driver Insurance: What if you move?

If you have high risk auto insurance and an SR22 certificate in one state and move to another, you likely will still be required to meet the mandates of the state where the driving offense occurred.

Not all states have the same high risk insurance requirements, though. Nor do all of them use SR22 insurance. Below is a list of states where it is not required; however, each has its own insurance obligations and version of the SR22 form.

  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • Delaware
  • Oklahoma

We recommend checking what your new high risk insurance requirements may be with your insurance carrier when you move. If you need an insurance company that specializes in high risk auto insurance, Action Insurance Agency can point you in the right direction and help you get an out-of-state SR22 filed.

Action Insurance Agency & High Risk Driver Insurance

Not all insurance agencies specialize in high risk insurance, nor will they all file SR22 insurances, as they may not want to insure individuals with major driving infractions on their records.

But you’re in luck with our team at Action Insurance Agency! Our local Madison agents specialize in high risk insurance and SR22s, and we’ve streamlined the process for our customers to make a fast and painless experience. Let us do what we do best – connect you with the right high risk driver insurance agency based on your specific situation.

Give us a call today for an instant quote from the high risk insurance experts!