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Whether a buyer has just driven a new car off the lot or they’re barely making it from Point A to Point B in an old car, they must protect themselves, their vehicles, and other drivers with Auto Insurance. While low rates are important, they mean nothing if the policy has insufficient coverage. Below are
Many renters do not have insurance for their home. It often isn’t expensive for a person to purchase Renters Insurance. But many people aren’t aware of the benefits it provides or of the fact that they might need it to recover expenses if anything happens because other types of insurance may not cover them. Anyone
Homeowners insurance, even when it’s not required by the mortgage company, is something every homeowner really needs. There may be a policy requirement with their mortgage company. But, the homeowner will want to make sure they look into all of their options. They might want to purchase more than just the minimum amount of insurance
Do you need optional insurance when renting a car? When you go on vacation and rent a car, the rental company will usually ask a tricky question. Do you want to want to buy car rental insurance? How will you answer? When you work with a Cliff Insurance Agent, serving the Madison, Wisconsin area, you